Trevor Finn

Trevor Finn is a long standing public servant, who’s been leading the charge in keeping families safe, creating jobs and driving economic development in Central PA for more than two decades!

As a County Commissioner, Trevor has worked alongside his Republican colleagues to create economic opportunities and good, family sustaining wages for the hard working people of the 108th PA District!

Trevor is a champion of working families, caring for the environment, public education and common sense governance!

Trevor’s level of devotion and hands-on leadership are exactly what the residents of Montour and Northumberland County need, at home and in Harrisburg!


About Trevor

Trevor lives in Danville with his loving wife of 31 years, Betsy. She is a Kindergarten teacher at St. Cyril’s in Danville. Trevor and Besty have raised two amazing daughters. Dr. Kathleen Finn, MD, and her fiance Joby George. Dr. Finn is currently completing her medical residency. Sarah Finn, BSN, RN, is happily married to Harry Nungesser, who proudly serves the City of Sunbury as a Police Officer. Trevor is proud to say Sarah is following in his footsteps as a Volunteer Firefighter.

After graduating Danville Area High School, Trevor went right to work at Finn’s News Agency and grew the family business to serve all of Central Pennsylvania.

Two decades ago, Trevor was elected by the voters of Montour County as Commissioner, where he’s faithfully served since. Trevor was chosen as Chairperson for 8 of those years. Trevor is currently chairperson of the Montour County Prison Board of Inspectors and the DRIVE Broadband Committee, aimed at bringing reliable high speed internet service to our rural corner of the Commonwealth. 

As an accredited EMT and long time volunteer Firefighter, Trevor is also the Operations Chief of the Montour County Emergency Management Agency and Facilities Commissioner.

As an accredited EMT and long time volunteer Fireman, Trevor is also the Operations Chief of the Montour County Emergency Management Agency and Facilities Commissioner.

Boards and Agencies

Northumberland-Montour Airport Commission

Wyoming Valley Flood Mitigation Advisory Board

Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau

DRIVE Council of Governments (founding member) 

Montour County Conservation District

Montour County Recreation Authority

Central Pennsylvania Workforce

Development Corporation (Advance Central PA) LEO and WIB 

Montour County Criminal Justice Advisory Board

Montour County Children and Youth Advisory Board

Montour County Board of Elections

Montour County Salary Board

Montour County Board of Assessment Appeals

East Central Emergency Network 911 (founding member)

Chief Engineer & Emergency Medical Technician for Washington Fire Company

No. 2 of Danville Fire Department

Central Pennsylvania Drone Team,

Danville Business Alliance Promotions Committee

Young Artists Theatre Project of Danville (founding member)

Economic development

  • Foster industrial expansion to create fair wage positions
  • Incentivize commercial and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Encourage affordable alternative energy
  • Grow trade and workforce development

Advance the Cause of All Citizens

  • Support equality irrespective of race, gender, culture, religion, or sexual
  • Reduce recidivism through prison programs
  • Guarantee Bill of Rights application
  • Build mental health support
  • Protect free elections
  • Represent taxpayers appropriately and effectively

Protecting Our Small Town Heritage

  • Invest into our family farms
  • Facilitate cleanup of waterways and air
  • Develop broadband expansion
  • Increase affordable housing
  • Expand public transportation
  • Increase stability in volunteer fire service
  • Ensure emergency response
  • Enhance infrastructure such as bridges



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